Roman Theater

The Roman Theater was built on the side of a hill, which was the custom in ancient Greece and Rome. The construction was done in 1 A.D., during the time of Augustus Caesar. It was a medium size theater because the population of Malaga during Roman times was not big. The theater was built using expensive marble facing, so it was a very elegant theater when it was built. In the fifth century, the theater was abandoned during the invasions of the German tribes. Later during the time of the Moors, much material was removed for the construction of the Alcazaba. The area of the theater was covered and used for other purposes, such as for the preparation of garum, a fish sauce that was very popular in the Mediterranean area. It was completely forgotten with time. There was a sensation in 1951 when it was discovered during the construction of the gardens for the building of the Casa de Cultura. In 1992 the Casa de Cultura was demolished because the authorities wanted the Roman Theater to be used for tourist purposes. The theater is being refurbished and the street (Calle Alcazabilla) beside it is also being refurbished. There will be an interpretation center beside the theater.