The Best Gardens in the Costa del Sol

Seeing gardens gives one a lot of peace and lovers of beauty enjoy nature. This is a list of places and gardens that are very pleasing to the eye.

1. The Park in Malaga

This was recently remodeled and finished in April. The original park is more than 100 years old, but before the remodeling, one could see the signs of age. Many of the trees and shrubs were overgrown. In the remodeling, they put in thousands of new flowers and plants and they trimmed the overgrown trees and shrubs. New paths were put in and the fountains and statues were cleaned and repaired. The sidewalks along the main street were changed. Today the park is beautiful and people are rediscovering it. The best part is at the back of the park, parallel to the port. One can walk there and the trees beside it provide a canopy to protect one from the hot sun during summer. There is a fountain with an artistic mural that shows little angels playing around.

2. The Botanical Gardens of La Concepcion

This huge tropical garden is located on the outskirts of Malaga, on the road going up to Antequera and Granada. In the late 19th century the Loring family was the richest and most prominent family in Malaga, and they built a summer residence where the park is now. The wife liked plants and started a garden with tropical plants. The family had ships that went all around the world, and the captains were instructed to get tropical plants from wherever they were going, such as Australia, the Far East, and Central America. If one goes today, it is like going to a tropical rainforest, with the strangest and the most beautiful trees and shrubs. There is a little museum which has Roman remains found in the province of Malaga.

3. Villa Padierna Hotel in Estepona

Near the swimming pool one can find the gardens of this beautiful hotel. The owner of the hotel owns one of the biggest and best collections of Roman statuary in Spain, most of them from Italy and Spain. These are displayed in the gardens. The gardens have little fountains that overflow and flow in small shallow channels towards the swimming pool. These are of Arab design, similar to the Generalife Gardens in Granada. The murmuring of the water as it flows gives one a feeling of peace. The trees and shrubs are planted so that long vistas are created, with statues of Roman goddesses at the ends of the vistas. There are jasmine and dama de noche (a very fragrant version of jasmine), so that the gardens are perfumed. This is another Arab touch. The gardens were planned by the English architect Ed Gilbert, who also designed the Tuscan building of the hotel, as well as doing the hotel’s interior design. A truly stunning combination!

4. Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella

Many years ago when the Puente Romano Hotel was newly built, it was said that the person who designed the gardens was the most famous landscape architect of Switzerland. The garden is a semi tropical garden, full of flowers, shrubs, trees, gurgling brooks, fountains, and waterfalls. It looked like the Garden of Eden, in the imagination of many. Today the trees and plants are more mature, but still beautiful. When one strolls the gardens, one can easily decompress from modern life in these beautiful gardens.

5. Kempinski Palace Hotel in Estepona

This hotel has 70,000 square meters of tropical gardens, set among the swimming pools and decorative pools and waterfalls. There are numerous cascades that are quite dramatic.