Granada is well-connected by bus to other Spanish cities.  operates buses from Madrid, Malaga (city and airport), Cordoba, Seville etc. Tickets can be purchased online.

The Estación de Autobuses (central bus station) is at Carretera de Jaén, about 4 km from the center of town. Buses #3 and #33 connect the bus station to Gran Via de Colon, the main street near the center of town.

To reach the Alhambra from the bus station, take bus #3 or #33 to Gran Via de Colon stop #1 (nearest the Catedral de Granada and the Plaza Nueva) and then bus #30 or #32 to the Alhambra. Alternatively, take a taxi for about 8 euros from the bus station to the #3 or #33 bus stop.

A more scenic and traditional approach is to walk from Plaza Nueva to the Cuesta de Gomerez (Gate of Pomegranates) and onto the Puerta de la Justicia (Gate of Justice).

For more information on bus routes,click here for the bus map.



Granada is not served by high-speed trains. From Madrid, the journey takes about 5 1/2 hours. From Seville, it is about 4 hours.

The Estación de Renfe train station is 2 km from the center of Granada on Avenida de Los Andaluces near Avenida de la Constitución. Many buses, including #4 and #11, go along Avenida de la Constitución to Gran Via de Colon, the main street near the center of town.

To reach the Alhambra directly from the train station, walk down Avenida de la Constitución, just past the Jardines de Triunfo, and take bus #30, #31 or #34.



Granada has good connections to major Spanish cities. The airport is located 12 km from the center of town.  A taxi would cost approximately 30 euros. There is also a bus service which takes you to the center of town. This bus connects the airport, the center of town, the bus station and the train station. More information is available from