Remembering that dinner is after 21:00 and that reservations are highly recommended, here are three places to try:

For true elegance and first-class service, the Restaurante Taberna del Alabardero at Calle Zaragoza 20 would stand up well with nicer Paris restaurants. There are five separate dining rooms with linen, china and silver service. The menu is Spanish-European and there is a good wine list with a Sommelier. With an appetizer, the entree, a Spanish riojo vino, and torte for desert expect  la cuenta [bill] for two to total over 100 €.

(The Taberna del Alabardero also has a restaurant downstairs where at lunchtime you can get a VERY inexpensive meal. It is staffed by students of the Hospitality Industry School based at the restaurant, Service can be a little slow and overformal at times but if you want good food at reasonable prices in a historic setting it is a great option and at prices comparable to the Irish pub mentioned below (a strange choice in a city full of excelllent, reasonably priced restaurants)).

For elegance with a Spanish flare, there is the Restaurante El Giraldillo at Plaza Virgen de los Reyes 2 [across the plaza from the El Giralda tower]. They offer inside and outdoor seating, but note that outside service is 20% higher. The menu is fine Spanish dinning and with an appetizer, entree and riojo vino  la cuenta for two will total near 100 €.

Restaurante Casa Robles at Calle Alvarez Quintero 58 [just north of the Cathedral] is Andalusian Sevilla. The menu is Spanish, the prices moderate and with entree, a riojo vino and torte la cuenta will near 75 €.

When you are tired of Spanish cuisine; grab a street, patio or inside table at P. Flaherty's Irish Pub – Calle Alemanes 7 [across the street north of the Cathedral]. The menu is available all day and is a varied as a full breakfast with sausage, eggs, and hash browns to fish and chips, hamburgers, wraps, a club sandwich, nachos or English style tapas. Rugby and soccer games are live on Sky Sports TV. Heineken is on tap and bottled cerveza run from local to European. Your total bill could depend upon the amount of beer consumed but expect lunch for two to total 30 €.