Casa de los Pinelo

The Casa de los Pinelo is located at Calle Abades, 14. The building is a National Monument and a Cultural Heritage Site of Seville. The house was constructed by the Pinelo Family, a rich family from Genoa that went to live and trade in Seville in the second half of the 15th century. It later became a property of the Cathedral and was used to house the canons of the church. In 1966 the Seville City Council acquired the property and assigned its use to the Royal Seville Academy of Humanities and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Isabel of Hungary. The main courtyard has a Renaissance design and there is an upper gallery that follows the design of pillars and arches of the floor level courtyard.

The ground floor has a large conference room decorated with fine art and there is also a large library on the ground floor. The upper floor has an Oriental Art Room that has art from China and Japan, collected by the Jesuits from the 17th to the 20th centuries. The upper floor also has a small chapel, and the legend is that San Juan de Ribera was born in this room. The Board Room has many fine art portraits. Many of the ceilings are Mudejar ceilings that are very unusual and beautiful.  The palace is filled with much fine art and will be enjoyed by those who like history and art.