Patio de las Infantas


The Patio de las Infantas (Courtyard of the Princess) is located at Calle de San Ignacio de Loyola, 16, in the biggest bank in Aragon, the Ibercaja, and they have a huge office tower at this location. In one wing to the side they have the Patio de las Infantas, which is the patio of a renaissance building. The patio was built in the 16th century in a palace that belonged to Gabriel Zaporta and that was used as the residence of Princess Teresa Billabriga, who was the sister-in-law of King Carlos III. The palace was demolished in 1903, but the patio was dismantled from its original place and brought to Paris by a very rich Frenchman, an antique dealer. In the 20th century, Ibercaja bought the patio and brought it back to Zaragoza and put it into the bank, in one wing. So in the very modern bank, one can see this beautiful renaissance patio. The patio has busts of personalities like Carlos V is now used as an art gallery. The patio is decorated with many beautiful tapestries.