Theater Museum of Caesaraugusta

The Theater Museum of Caesaraugusta is located at Calle San Jorge, 12. The Roman Theater was constructed in the first century AD. With time the theatric activity of the theater fell and in the second half of the 3rd century, many of its materials were robbed and reused in the nearby wall of the city, during a time of unstable politics. During Moorish times many houses were built adjacent to the theater. In the 14th century during Christian occupation of the city, the area became isolated because it was the Jewish barrio. After 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain and the area was reopened to Christians. During the 16th century, the adjacent area became the areas of houses of prominent people, such as Gabriel Zaporta. Some churches were built nearby. Another house of a prominent person was that of Juan del Pueyo, connected with the courts. This property is now where the museum is located. The theater has a very good video of the history of the theater. On the ground floor there are scale models of the theater. Outside there is a wooden walkway around the theater and one can see that the whole theater now has a glass roof to protect it from the elements.