Museo de Zaragoza


The Museo de Zaragoza is located at Plaza de los Sitios, 6. This is the best fine arts museum in Zaragoza. The building was built in 1908 for the Hispano-Francesa Exhibition as the Pavilion of the Arts, and the architects were Ricardo Magdalena and Julio Bravo. The façade shows the Allegories dedicated to the Arts, Commerce and Industry. There are also medallions that represent the artists of that era. The museum has an archaeological section that has exhibits dating from Prehistoric times to the Moorish times. The Fine Arts section has collections of painting and sculptures, ceramics, and stamps that cover the period from Roman times to art of the 20th century. The patio is quite large and has many copies of famous Roman sculptures. There are several very good Roman mosaics that are hung on the walls of the museum. There is a very good reconstruction of a room of Villa Fortunatus from Calle Añon. There are also some Japanese prints that are very good. In 1962 this museum was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument.