Church of Santa Cruz

The Church of Santa Cruz is located at Espoz y Mina, 18. The Baroque church was built in 1780. There used to be a primitive church from the 12th century before this new church was built. The architects were Julian Yarzay Lafuente and Agustin Sanz, who were disciples of Ventura Rodriguez. The ground plan of the church is the Greek cross, with short arms and inside a square. The façade of the church is quite plain. The main door has an arch and there is a niche above with the figure of a cross. There is a central cupola with a lantern. The main altarpiece has a painting by Ramon Bayeu showing the Battle of las Navas de Tolosa, and this dates to 1785. The retable of San Gregorio Magno has a painting by Jose Luzan. There are two Neoclassic retables of San Miguel Arcangel and the Santo Cristo. The church was named a National Monument in 1982.