Church of San Juan de los Panetes


The Church of San Juan de los Panetes is located at Calle Salduba, 3. On its site, there used to be a medieval church of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. The new church was ordered built by the Gran Castellan Vicente de Oña and was finished in 1725. The façade is Baroque and has two parts. The upper part has a niche with the figure of San Juan Bautista. The lower part has an arch with pilasters on either side of the doorway. The tower is octagonal and made of brick and has the Mudejar style. It was constructed in the 16th century and has a slight inclination towards the Basilica del Pilar that is clearly visible to passers-by. The church was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1935. However in 1935 the Republicans burned the church. Since then the walls have been smoothed out and whitewashed. The fire destroyed most of the artistic treasures in the church and the only thing that was salvaged was a crucifix from the 16th century. The pilasters and stucco decorations have been cleaned. The interior of the church has three naves of equal size and height. The vaults are decorated in the Baroque style and have lunettes. There is a cupola at the crossing that is decorated with the crosses of Malta.