Church of Santo Tomas de Canterbury

The Church of Santo Tomas de Canterbury is located at Plaza de la Merced, 1. The site used to have the old convent of La Merced. The architect of the new Neo-Gothic church was Luis Bellido Gonzalez and the new church was finished in 1903. 

The ground plan is the Latin cross and there are three naves and a transept, with a polygonal apse. The façade has two towers at the ends, and each tower ends in a spire. The towers are 47 meters high. The lower body of the façade has three arches and the spandrels have statues of the Four Evangelists, carved in Carrara marble. The upper part of the body has blind arches and there is a cornice with the Aviles coat of arms that are secured with lions. The façade is very impressive.

The altar shows a Crucifixion which sits on the floor. Behind it are paintings that show the life of  St. Thomas of Canterbury and San Pedro Nolasco. These were made by the artist Felix Granad-Buylla. The stained glass windows were made by the famous Maumejean Brothers in Paris and were installed in 2010. They give plenty of light to the interior of the church. There is an impressive organ in the church.