Lonja de Palma


Paseo Sagrera s/n

Tel: 971-711-705


The Lonja de Palma is one of the best Gothic civil buildings in Spain. The architect of the beautiful building was Guillem Sagrera and he finished the construction in 1452. It was built to house the merchants’ exchange and a place for the merchants to meet. The commercial activities in the city were regulated from this building, as well as the maintenance of the port. The ground plan of the building is rectangular and has three naves of the same height. The roof has an ogival arches and the dome is supported by helicoidal columns. The interior space is large and the large windows give the interior plenty of light. The entrance is decorated with the figure of an angel, called the Angel de la Mercaderia. There is also a sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Child. A garden separates it from the Consulado del Mar, which is a beautiful Renaissance building and current headquarters of the Regional Government.