One of the "great little railway journeys of the world" runs from the train terminal ,just off the Plaza de Espana, in the centre of Palma to  the town of Soller. The trip to Soller is an absolute must if you're heading to Mallorca.  The train starts its journey from behind a fabulous "Art Deco" wrought iron archway that is the entrance to the terminal.  Once inside you are transported back in time as you approach the polished wooden coaches with sash windows and the rather "Swiss" mountain style electric engine. You almost expect to see "Hercule Poirot" standing on the platform waiting for a train. As the train leaves the terminal it travels through sidings and past workshops and then miraculously pops out onto the central reservation of one of Palma's roads. As the train proceeds through the city, traffic lights stop the cars and buses and you find yourself looking into shop windows and down onto the stationary cars that have been held  back to give priority to the train. Quite surreal! Next the train trundles through a gap in a farmers field and heads slowly up the mountains to Soller. Magnificent views, fantastic scenery, just magical! Soller is is a sleepy little town tucked into the mountains, and has much charm. You'll find food to tempt even the fussiest taste buds - from tapas to pastries.  The only downside is that you may not have enough room to sample everything you want to try.  Tip - take a cool bag to bring back goodies!

A video exists which shows parts of the round trip from Palma to Soller, then the tram which goes into Puerto Soller. You can find the video  here:

The next part of this fantasy trip involves the tram to Puerto Soller.  This connects the town to the Port of Soller and is another fabulous historical experience. It passes through  the pavement cafe's and narrow streets of Soller then runs through what seams like back gardens of local houses and then on down to the port. As it's open, you can enjoy the gentle breeze as you trundle along.    When you get to Puerto Soller there's plenty to do to while away the afternoon.  If you're still hungry, there are cafes and restaurants. This is the place to eat if you like fish. Many of the restaurants specialise in local caught fish. If shopping is your thing then the shops are worth visiting.  Of course, as it's a Puerto, there's also the beach to check out and boat trips around they bay before you hop back on the tram to Soller.