If you are planning to travel beyond Palma's borders to explore the rest of Majorca, you may want to consider traveling by car. Having your own car lets you travel on your own schedule, and keeps you from being bound to a bus or train schedule. While several ferry services provide passage for vehicles as well, you also have the option of renting a car within Palma as well. A number of car rental agencies have service outlets that offer competitive rates at the local airport. Be aware, however, that driving across Majorca involves a number of steep roads and hairpin turns with little room for error. In addition, during the high season, crowded roads, narrow one-way streets, and expensive parking can make having a car into a huge hassle.

Taxi service is available most readily within the city center. Take note of the meter when you enter the taxi, the meter should not start running until you have started the journey to your destination. Be aware that rates vary according to day of the week and time of day.


  • FARE 1
    (Valid on Saturday, Sunday and working days from 21.00 h to  6.00 h)
    Minimum fare.................1,80 euros
    Every km....................... 0,85 euros
    Every hour of wait......15,95 euros
  • FARE 2
    (Valid from Monday to Friday from  6.00 h to  21.00 h)
    Minimum fare............     1,80 euros
    Every km........... .......     0,55 euros
    Every hour of wait. ...14,70 euros


Radio call -- 1 euros (fare 1) / 0,50 euros (fare 2)
For every piece of luggage -- 0,50 euros

Airport -- 2,40 euros
Palma harbour (from) -- 1,65 euros
Bellver castle -- ,50 euros
Na Burguesa -- 2,40 euros

(Taxi rate source: http://www.palmademallorca.es)