Dining options in Palma, Majorca are similar to other Mediterranean locales. Here, though, the food focus is on pork-based dishes and other Catalan influences. As a result of its island location, Palma also offers a number of fish and seafood dishes as well. No worries for those with a more limited diet, such as vegetarians, however. A satisfying meal can be created from a variety of vegetable-based tapas dishes. If you're looking for something to eat for breakfast, or need a light snack in the afternoon, try an ensaimada, a light flaky bun, a Majorcan island specialty.

When looking for something local to imbibe, try a wine from the Binissalem region, which are considered to be of the highest quality from the area. For a truly local (and quite potent) delight, try an hierba, an herb-based liqueur.