Many people visit the island of Minorca and its city of Ciudadela each year and return home safely without incident, but most recently Spain in general has experienced an increase in the number of crimes reported there, especially those which are aimed towards tourists.  This tourist crime seems to be most prevalent in tourist-friendly cities, like Ciudadela, and at attractions such as museums as well as at beaches, resorts, and ferry ports--all of which attract large numbers of travelers.  Most of the crimes reported are petty thievery and pick-pocketing, though some assaults have been reported as well.  According to Frommer's, many of these crimes seem to be aimed at elderly travelers and Asians, who are perceived by thieves as having greater amounts of money than other travelers.

To protect yourself from tourist crimes while visiting Spain be sure to carry as little cash as possible and avoid wearing expensive jewelry and watches.  Leave all valuables in your hotel's safe, including your passport.  Carry a photocopy of it on your person instead of the real thing.

Thefts from cars are also common so be sure your doors are always locked and that you do not leave items in view where thieves will see them and be temped to break in.