The island of Minorca and its town of Ciudadela are home to frequent festivals and celebrations, especially during the summer months.  The Festival of Sant Joan (Saint John) usually starts off the festival season, taking place on the Sunday before the 24th of June each year.  This festival, formally held in honor of Saint John the Baptist also celebrates midsummer and its bounty.  Sant Joan is also held in other parts of Spain and throughout the world where Hispanic people live.  In Ciudadela, the beginning of the festival is marked by a local farmer carrying a decorated lamb out on his shoulders to lead a parade of celebrators.  Bonfires, fireworks, and traditional foods also mark the festivities. 

Other festivals taking place in Ciudadela and its surrounding towns include  El Diada of Sant Ntoni, held in late January each year to honor the island of Minorca's patron saint, the St. James Festival held in Castell each year in late July, and the St. Bartholomew Festival taking place in Ferreries in late August.