Like most other destinations with mild climates and for which tourism is an important part of the economy, Grand Canary offers myriad choices for sports and activities.  One can play nearly any outdoor sport at any time of year.   Golf is a particularly popular attraction in Grand Canary, as various national and international tournaments are held at the islands six golf courses, designed by some of the better known golf course architects.  See Top 10 Gran Canaria Things to Do

Of course, there are also the traditional sea sports, such as scuba diving, deep sea fishing, surfing, etc., as well as more relaxed excursions for the less adventurous tourist.  The water temperature varies between 22 degrees C in the summer and 18 degrees C in the winter.

Grand Canary natives also still practice many ancestral indigenous sports, such as Canarian wrestling, pole fighting, and the shepherd's leap.  These are deeply rooted in tradition and can be fascinating and beautiful to watch.

Due to the varied nature of Grand Canary's landscape, even tourists not fond of water sports will find plenty to do.  There are hundreds of criss-crossing hiking and biking trails with differing levels of difficulty.  While work is currently being done to more clearly mark these trails, it is best to get a guidebook or travel with a local guide when exploring these trails.  

You can also have a full or half day riding in the mountains on a motorcycle with your own guide. The roads are amazing, the scenery is spectacular and the views are first class. Motorcycle Touring is the best way to see this Island. 

Gran Canaria is a paradise for hill walking with its inhabited cave villages, lake side walks, spectacular mountain scenery and wonderful flora & fauna especially in the Spring. There are a great variety of hikes on outstanding trails, many of these are off-the-beaten-track and the climate is excellent for trekking.  25 great hikes around Gran Canaria:  ‘Don’t leave Gran Canaria without seeing it’  is the definitive Guide for hikers, written by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria.

Sports climbing (or rock climbing) requires a federation license and insurance - information on this can be found at the Canary Island Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing. You can also hire the services of a local company and focus on enjoying the wonders of Gran Canaria.