There’s no denying that the Canary Islands are remote. Traveling by plane to Lanzarote is the only reasonable choice if you are departing anywhere other than Spain or one of the other Canaries. Lanzarote’s international airport is located in the San Bartholome district, five and a half kilometers out of its capital city, Arrecife. Many major European cities offer direct flights to the Lanzarote airport, and others offer flights with a transfer in Spain. Planes from the United Kingdom and Germany make up most of Lanzarote’s air traffic. To get to Lanzarote from outside of Europe, you’ll usually need to go to one of these countries first, unless you charter a plane.

The airport is well equipped, although small – it has only one terminal, but it is wheelchair accessible, and never gets too crowded. Like any airport, this one has plenty of ATMs, restaurants, newsstands, clothing stores and souvenir shops, but perhaps most useful to the newcomer is the information booth, which can be found on the first floor. The information center can also be reached by dialing +34 (0) 928 846 001.

The only feasible alternative to air travel is to take a ferry from Cádiz, a harbor in the south of Spain. Ferries run once a week from Cádiz to Lanzarote, and far more frequently between the Canary Islands themselves.