The weather in Cantabria is very changeable, and due to its mountains, coast, and valleys inbetween, there can be a huge variation of weather between places.  For this reason webcams are especially useful to the traveller here, as weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate or generalised.  It is a good idea, if you have internet access whilst here, to check out the webcams below, in locations all over Cantabria, to help you find that patch of sun!

*Do check the date at the top of each webcam to ensure that what you're seeing is a live picture, and not a frozen picture from earlier*

Those marked with a * are especially useful to surfers or other watersports enthusiasts.

Fuente Dé Cable Car (above Potes, in the Picos de Europa)

Alto Campoo Ski Station (above Reinosa)

Somo Beach* (Click on webcam)


El Sardinero Beach* (Santander beaches)

Canallave Beach, Liencres* (between Santander and Torrelavega)

Valdearenas Beach, Liencres* (between Santander and Torrelavega)

Laredo Beach* (also useful for Santoña)

Cabezon de la Sal (western Cantabria)

Reinosa (southern Cantabria)

Nestares Golf Course (near Reinosa)

Abra de Pas Golf Course (near Liencres beach)

Torrelavega (closest to Santillana del Mar)

Los Corrales de Buelna (central Cantabria)

Castro Urdiales Port (far eastern Cantabria)

Suances Port (near Santillana del Mar)

Comillas Port (western Cantabria)

San Vicente de la Barquera (far western Cantabria)

Cobreces Beach (near Santillana del Mar)

Tresviso (above the Desfiladero de la Hermida on the way to Potes)

Webcam Cantabria is another site, which is attempting to create a network of webcams in Cantabria, it is slowly becoming operational, with the last 3 links above from there.