Sardinero Beach

The Sardinero Beach is adjacent to the Magdalena peninsula. This is a huge beach and during good weather, thousands of people enjoy themselves on the beach. Apparently no restaurants or stores are allowed on the beach, which makes the beach very non-commercial. From the road there are beautiful terraces with plants and trees that lead to the beach. The water is part of the Cantabrian Sea, part of the Atlantic, and the water is very cold.

The gardens of Piquio, built in the 19th century, stand between the first and second beaches of El Sardinero. From here one can see the peninsula and famous Palace of Magdalena. The parks have beautiful flowers and plants everywhere. They have clean benches overlooking the beach so that people can sit there and have a nice view of the beach and the sea. Across the road are many hotels for the tourists, but they all seem to be very low key, to preserve the aristocratic air of the area. This is really a beautiful place to visit during summer, and it is easy to understand why it is a summer resort.