La Magdalena Peninsula

At the entrance of the bay of Santander, there is a small peninsula that is called La Magdalena. It has a beach and a park that is opened to the public, and it is very popular during summer. In the middle of the peninsula is a hill that is bordered by pine trees. In the middle of this hill sits a palace that was built for King Alfonso XIII. He used to spend the summers in this palace. Now the university owns it and during summer it is the site of an international piano contest, sponsored by the wife of Spain’s wealthiest banker, Emilio Botin. The peninsula has a little zoo that contains many seals and it is very entertaining to watch them. There is also a full scale reproduction of Columbus’s ship the Santa Maria. When one looks at it, it looks very small and one would certainly be scared to cross the Atlantic in it, so Columbus must have been a brave man. The Magadalena peninsula and park are beautiful and thousands of people enjoy themselves in it.

There are guided visits to the Magdalena Palace on Saturdays and Sundays. The fee for the visits is only 3 euros and the visit shows the living quarters of the Royal Family. It is very interesting. Here is the web for the time schedules: