Leon is full of amazing places of interest, incredible cathedrals, nearby castles and educational museums add to the town's charm and beauty. Taking time to enjoy the ancient architecture is among one of the best attractions in itself.

Take advantage of the Museo Catedralicio that covers ancient history up until the Neoclassical period. This museum boasts an impressive collection of sculptures, Romanesque work, Spanish and ancient art of the region. This museum however, is only open from July through September.

Visitors shouldn't miss the city's museum, Museo de Leon which covers prehistory to the 18th century. History buffs will love the ancient artifacts here including stone tablets and Roman mosaics. Medieval artifacts lead you to more recent work from the 1800s; it is truly a complete museum. This museum is inside of the Church of San Marcos.

To get an authentic experience and fill up on specialties of this region specifically, head to the Museo de la Colegiata de San Isidoro which has a large collection on artifacts from the Kingdom of Leon. 

More art can be appreciated in the large and beautiful Leon and Castile  Museum of Contemporary Art which has five exhibition halls for touring.