The City of Aguilas is located at the southern end of Murcia and close to the border with Almeria. It has about 28,000 inhabitants and during the Roman times, it was called Urci. At the end of the 18th century, the city of Lorca needed a port to ship its products, so Aguilas was used for this purpose and it prospered. The hill overlooking the city is occupied by a castle called the Castle of St. John of the Eagles. At the end of the 19th century, the port was used to ship iron ore that a British mining company was exploiting. The British South Easter Railway Company built a special pier to load the ships with the iron ore and this started in 1903. The city has also many fine beaches and is a resort. Of interest in the city is the Archaeological Museum. The City Hall is a beautiful building built by the British in the Neo-Mudejar style. It is located at the Plaza de España and around this beautiful plaza are other noteworthy Modernist buildings. The plaza also has a huge ficus tree from Brazil that is more than a hundred years old.

The port has a beautiful sculpture of Icarus at the port of Aguilas. The sculptor was Mariano Gonzalez, and his model was the torero Pepin Lirio. 

Across the Hornillo beach is the Rincon del Hornillo. This is a wide flight of steps leading up to another street that the owner of a house beside it has built with mosaic, using a technique similar to Gaudi, of using brightly colored bits of ceramic. The creator of this fancy was Juan Martinez Casuco and he began the work in 1985.

There is also the Queseria Artesanal La Granja del Fraile, which is a small cheese making shop that uses goat and sheep milk. One can try several delicious cheeses here.