The first place that kids are going to want to visit if they are told about it is the Terra Mitica Amusement Park ( ) which is located just outside of Benidorm.   During the tourist season (summer, see for more information), this theme park is open daily from ten in the morning until anywhere between eight and twelve at night.   Kids can go here to ride the roller coasters and get their fill of amusement park food.   See for more information.   There are other theme parks in the region, including wildlife and safari parks; see for more details.

Of course, most parents who are taking their children to Costa Blanca want them to experience more than just a theme park.  Luckily, there isn’t much in the area which kids won’t want to do.  The beaches are an excellent place for families to spend the day, swimming and taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  There are also numerous attractions which offer educational information about the area but are still of interest to children.  For example, the Castell de Santa Barbara is a historic castle which intrigues children with its moats and spires. 

For more suggestions about what to do during a Costa Blanca trip, check out the attractions listed at .