La Tomatina takes place the last Wednesday of August. Buñol is located about 39 km west of Valencia.


2013 - 28 August

2014 - 27 August

2015 - 26 August

2016 - 31 August

2017 - 30 August

2018 - 29 August

To go to Buñol from Valencia, one can take the Cercanias train from the Sant Isidre Station, using the C3 line. The trip takes about 45 minutes. There are about 25 trains a day from Valencia. Read Buying Renfe Tickets Online. Choose the Valencia Cercanias box to look at schedules. The Sant Isidre Station is located at Els Gremis, s/n. The cost of the ticket in February, 2013, was 2.55 euros for a one way fare.

This is the webpage of La Tomatina from the Ayuntamiento:

In 2013 the Ayuntamiento decided that there were too many people in the previous year had participated (about 50,000), which posed a security risk for all. So the Ayuntamiento announced that only about 25,000 people would be allowed to participate in 2013 and future years. No reservation system has been announced yet and one should check the web page later in the year for this.

UPDATE JUNE 2013 - The Town Hall of Buñol finally decided on limiting the fight to 20,000 broken down as follows, 5,000 for locals of the town of Buñol and 17,000 for foreigners. Entry will be taxed at 10€ per person. Booking must be made online at their site and you must print a "budget airline" style ticket and take it to Buñol with your passport on the morning to exchange for a wristband. There are some organised trips to La Tomatina, offer a day trip, their eighth, which includes the entry to the fight (with wristband before arrival) Showers, a swim, Paella lunch and booze, tee-shirt and goggles for the price of 85€ per person.

 It is very important to buy the tickets to official sponsors, or you 'll stay out of the party. 

Tomatina Tickets

  Official Sponsor:

       Tickets include

  • La Tomatina official entry ticket
  • Transportation from Valencia to Buñol and back to Valencia
  • Experienced Festivals All Around guide
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  • Sangria party before the tomato fight