If you go to the Capo di Sorrento in Italy, and follow the signs to the Ruderi Villa di Pollio Felice, (ruins of Roman villa of Pollius Felix) you will come to the ruins of a villa, the so called Villa Limona. It is called called Villa Limona because of a lemon tree that used to be there. Lemon is Limon in Latin, so that is how it got the name. 

Villa Limona is thought to be the ruins of the home of a very rich and powerful man called Pollius Felix. Pollius Felix was a very well respected man and was married to a woman called Polla. We know all about him from the poems of Publius Papinius Statius. Not far away from the villa, there is a crescent beach called Baia di Puolo, possibly named after Pollius.

No one know for sure that this was the home of Pollius Felix, but because of the signs it is possible to believe it is.