Whether you’re looking for a quiet and intimate evening with that special someone, or want to dance the night away with a group of friends, Sorrento and nearby Sant’Agnello have plenty of nightlife options. Italians like their meals big, and diner tends to be late. There are literally dozens of restaurants with everything from fine dining with multi-course meals, to lighter fare including the regions specialty: PIZZA!

After diner there are numerous pubs for you to kick back and have a cold one, with unique watering holes like English Inn, where you can get a good pint of English Ale. If instead of a small pub you’re ready for the bright lights of a large club, head to Fauno Notte, which is open from March until October with outdoor dancing, or Matilda Club, which is known for its high-energy music spun by DJs renown throughout Sorrento.

And if you’d like a different evening spin, there is even a late night bowling alley, simply known as “Bowling,” located on Via S. Antonio if you’re looking for a different type of activity after dark.

And throughout the summer you can catch musical comedy under the stars at the Tasso. The 75 minute performance begins nightly at 9:30pm.