Naples is located in the south of Italy, and is the third largest city in the country. Because of its size and history, Naples has a great arena for the performing arts. There are many opportunities to see theater in the city, and there are some good opera houses in the region. Some of the best performances in all of Italy take place in Naples. Some of the better known theaters in Naples are Teatro Bellini and the Mercadante. Some of the best performances of the opera can be seen in these theaters. Not only do they house the best performances, but they have great history inside as well. There are only a few cinemas in the city because there was crisis in the 1980's that forced many of the smaller venues to close their doors forever. The only ones that have survived are the largest. You will also be able to listen to some good musical performances in the city, as well as other street performances that take place at various times during the day in various spots.