It is hard finding a large enough cup of coffee in Rome.  American coffee, "regular" coffee (what tourists would call an "espresso") or cappuccini come in tiny cups and milk is hard to find. You can even get decaf. If you order 2 of them, you feel you had enough coffee.

There is excellent shopping in the lowest level of the Roma Termini, the train station. There is Sephora, numerous clothing stores, another McDonalds and even a grocery store.  There is an excellent book store on the main level of the Roma Termini.

The Roma Termini is within easy walking distance of many hotels in the historic, old city area.  The Metro is also right there in the historic area.

 A cab ride to a hotel from the airport, at 10:30 pm at night costs 65 Euros, so if you can do the train or metro it saves you money!   The cab drivers all try and sell you private tours also.

If you are arriving later at night after dark, which is about 9 pm in May, finding your hotel would be a challenge. If you are arriving during the day, you could take the metro or train to the Roma Termini and walk to your hotel if it is in the historic area.

The streets are mostly cleared of people by about 10 pm, so walking later at night is safe as long as you stick to well it streets.  The police prescence/military prescence is very high in Rome and they will ask you if you are a tourist if you are out late waling by yourself.