Supperclub is located steps away from the Pantheon, tucked away on a side street, Via de Nari, 14.  It is not your traditional dining experience; it appeals to all the senses in that it provides atmosphere, performance, fine dining and personal service.  It has a unique take on the ancient Roman banquet experience, as all seating are on beds with comfy pillows to plop down on.  A masseuse works her way around the room, offering massages (for a small fee).  It is an open environment, and therefore easy to talk to your fellow supperclub patrons, all who are just as stylishly dressed as you are.  The host describes the 4-course meal to be served and makes note of any food allergies/preferences.  Each course is brought out for everyone at the same time, and a performance artist entertains.  Truly a unique experience.  In May 2007, dinner was 55 Euros per person (not including wine).

Wine, fine dining, entertainment at SupperClub in Rome, Italy

La Rosetta

Located within steps of the Pantheon at via della Rosetta, 8/9, is a Michelin-star restaurant specializing in seafood.  Yes, it is expensive, but is just right for that special occasion meal.