Throughout the year, visitors to Emilia-Romagna have a number of opportunities to experience various unique festivals and events.   

            The Este Music Festival was started in 1998, and has since become an annual celebration.  This three-month classical music festival begins at the start of September, and runs through the middle of November.  During this time, at various sites around the region, spectators will be treated to live performances once a week.  The entrance fee to these concerts is 10 Euros, and the performances generally begin at 5:30 or 9:00pm.

            September is harvest time for grapes around the region, and towards the end of the month, there are many wine related celebrations.  Fiera Del Sangiovese is a wine festival held on the 17th of September in Coriano.  Here, one can taste wines from wineries all over the region.  Entrance is free, and the festival runs from 2pm until midnight. 

            Throughout the year, farmers throughout the Emilia-Romagna region gather and hold festivals for their crops during the picking season.  The Chestnut festival is held in October, as is the Walnut festival; the mushroom festival is held in September, as is the pumpkin festival. 

            For more information about Emilia-Romagna happenings throughout the year, check out this City Events Calendar.