The city of Bologna is a primary road and rail junction, making it easy to reach both by car and train. Its strategic position places it at the exact center of the biggest system of roads and rail lines in Italy, right in the middle of the most important Italian regions.

           Bologna “la Dotta”, headquarter of the most ancient athenaeum of the western world, beyond to being rich of monuments, churches, museums, theatre, monastery and arcade (the arcade city: there are not one city in the world who has so many arcade perfectly conserved and expanded over 35 Kilometers). Bologna is in the middle of the way of the most famous and unique art cities circuit: 

          Ferrara (km 57), Ravenna (km 88), Firenze (km 123), Venezia (Km 159),

          Verona (km 151), Mantova (km 114), Rome (km 380).



          From Bologna it is easy to get to all the major cities of northern Italy and the main tourism destinations. The distances are really meaningless and travel time is shorter especially with the advent of new planned infrastructures and the High Speed system.

          Bologna “La Grassa“ (The Fat) that was the name given up on the time which is known in the international panorama for his gastronomic specialties.

          The Motor Valley: it is not a case that in the provinces of Bologna and Modena, there are located the most famous motor and cars company like, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati.

          Bologna is well known for the friendly citizens, for the courtesy, affability and for their life style. Thanks to major investments to renovate and expand the Guglielmo Marconi Airport BLQ, which resulted in it being the third intercontinental airport in Italy, Bologna has assumed a more cosmopolitan and international role with more than twenty million potential users and a network of connections so vast and extensive that it can compete well in Europe and with cutting edge security and environmental protection technological equipment.

A great thing to do is visit the Touring Charming Hotel terrace. On the 5th floor you can appreciate all the city.

Better during summer time.

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          Fly to Bologna, stay in Bologna, visit Bologna and all art cities around!