Web exploration for information that would be useful for visiting the Italian Riviera area is rather abundant , though sometimes difficult to pinpoint given the number of official pages that do not translate well into English, if they translate at all, and the fact that the Riviera more often goes by its official name, Liguria, on the useful pages.

www.italianriviera.com , unfortunately, sends the viewer to an annoying web presence that looks promising but is really mostly an amalgam of bad links and annoying prose.  Fodor’s online guide to the Italian Riviera is also pretty lame—heavy on the lists the site suffers in its absence of description so the viewer doesn’t really know where to go.  

The official website for the Ligurian government does not appear to translate, so unless you have been working on your Italian, or want to, this site will be of limited use.  

So what websites are worthwhile?

Well, the city’s turismo link is a portal into Liguria’s official tourism pages, and the information here is accessible, comprehensive, and, best of all, in English.  Though the number of clicks you have to get through in order to find the information you want is excessive, at least it is there, and much of your itinerary can be determined by the details and descriptions provided.

Finally, ItalianVisits.com also offers the viewer much knowledge in the way of when to visit the Italian Riviera and what sights to see.  Check out this along with the Ligurian Tourist web and some recommended reads and you should be set for your visit.

Ponente is the less well known part of the Italian Riviera to the west of Genoa which has sandy beaches as well as rocky headlands. The part nearest Genoa is the called the Riviera delle Palme and there is a website in English  http://www.inforiviera.it/inglese/ind...  which is not brilliant as some links don't work .This site has a description and photos of the major towns in this area:  http://en.zerodelta.net/speciali/guid...

The area west of Alssio to the Frencn border is known as th Riviera dei Fiori and this sit e has lots of photos if you click on the links to the towns on the left of the page and then look at 'evocative photos' see http://www.rivieradeifiori.travel/Def...

 Another site worth a visit gives 360 degree views of various places see http://www.liguriavirtuale.com/