The Italian Riviera does not suffer from the tropical heat characteristic of the south of the country and Sicily.  Still, the climate of Liguria (the Riveria’s more official name) is greatly determined by the Mediterranean atmosphere that surrounds it.  

Despite being cooled by the Alps, the Italian Riveria is generally warm and is especially pleasant in the middle of spring.  The fall, however, is often affected by particularly violent storms which sometimes transform into floods, so if hate high levels of precipitation an autumnal visit would not be for you.

Drinking and dining establishments are open quite late throughout the summer, but this is also the time of the highest amount of tourist traffic and so it becomes difficult to get around or find some solitude while vacationing during this season.

Some festivals worth considering before setting your itinerary in stone include the Festival of San Fortunato, held in mid-May, which offers freshly caught fish free for public consumption, and the Borgio Verezzi Festival and the Villa Faraldi’s International Festival—two annual celebrations of theater, both of which take place in July.
Beautiful sailing regattas also occur around this time of year, towards the end of July, bringing in many visitors annually.