Italian culture is a loved culture. Colorful, friendly, and full of a zest for life, it is a large part of the reason that the country's sees so many tourists each year. Although Bergamo is not a part of the southern, Mediterranean and thus, very open culture, it stays true to Italian style and its people are friendly and endearing.

Originally Bergamo was a civilization of Celts but the Roman empire took over the land and established the city's true culture thousands of years ago. Bergamo's location as a gateway to other parts of Europe made is subject to many invasions and for a long time, the city had to be protected by walls; entrance to Bergamo was only officially allowed through a gate and after paying a customs tax. The citizens had a sense of pride over this and developed a strong sense of camaraderie within their walls.

Venice took over the city for a long time and its culture leaked into the walls. Today one of the biggest clues to this is the Carnavale party that is world-renowned in Venice, but is a huge ordeal in Bergamo as well.

Gastronomy is very important in Italy. There are many incredible restaurants and bars in Bergamo; they serve as social outlets for the citizens and life is never rushed in these situations. Dining time is reserved for peace and relaxation. You may notice slower service here but it certainly does not mean that it is bad service!

Bergamo's people are full of charm and its ancient look casts a magical haze over the city that leaves most people wanting to come back for more.