Italian culture is a loved culture. Colorful, friendly, and full of a zest for life, it is a large part of the reason that the country's sees so many tourists each year. Although Varenna is not a part of the southern, Mediterranean and thus, very open culture, it stays true to Italian style and its people are friendly and endearing. Plus with its ideal location on the lake, tourism has been a major part of the lifestyle in Varenna and the people are open to strangers and welcome them to their picturesque city.

Varenna is a small city and the lifestyle moves slowly here. People are in general quite relaxed. This is evident for tourists when they find that shops are closed over the lunch break which consists of a couple of hours or when their servers are slow to bring orders out in a restaurant. This has nothing to do with disrespect or even laziness, more that it is a more relaxed pace of life and in restaurants, careful attention is spent on everything and thus, can take a bit longer; that said it is usually well worth the wait! Gastronomy is an important part of the culture here. Food and wine are of top quality and eating times are not rushed. Coffee is another part of the culture and making a stop for an espresso or a cappuccino can pretty much be worked into a day several times.

The locals of Varenna are active and outdoors, their temperate climate and gorgeous scenery keeps them outside often.