The Italian adventure has always been regarded as a romantic journey, but Milan is too cosmopolitan for romance. For tourists who want something different but still is accessible to the lovely capital of Italy, taking a car and driving through the city outskirts to some iconic destinations would be a great option to consider. 

Taking a day trip from Milan to the iconic Lake Como or even Lago Maggiore will definitely fit those who like a little bit of fun and adventure. While the town is already quite bustling nowadays compared to how it was years ago, the sight of a natural water body can definitely replenish the weary soul.

For those who want the feel of a big city but are fed up with the lousy traffic and bustling energy of Milan, Torino is a nice option for a day trip. For the unaware, Torino is the home of the Shroud of Turin (the cloth that was allegedly used to cover the body of the dead Christ). It also has some of the remnants from the past 2006 Winter Olympics. For those who frequent Italy and Milan, chance Turin during the Chocolate festival for some incredible delicacies.

Pavia is only a 25 mile drive from Milan. For those who might not want to travel on a train, a car is a nice option to consider. Just take note of the right parking locations to avoid problems. Pavia offers some amazing ancient architecture from Medieval to Romanesque. It was known in the past as the city of a hundred towers but nowadays, only a few remain in good condition.

Going south from Pavia one reaches the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, a relatively unknown but large wine region, which has a range of worthwhile attractions on its own: medieval villages and castles, panoramic views, traditional cuisine and over 100 independent wine producers. 

Another good day trip option from Milan is a trip to Brescia. It is not a popular destination for international tourists but is worth the visit. Brescia contains some remains from the Roman Empire as well as ancient castles, the Medieval Center and city squares from the Renaissance era. A visit to the museum at the Monastery of Santa Giulia is a promising option.

Visit the home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese: Parma, which is just an hour and a half travel on a train. Those who wish to drive by car can also enjoy the lovely scenes. Parma is located at the Region of Emilia Romagna and has a sizable historic center.