If you travel in the summertime, be prepared for good-sized crowds to greet you in Bolzano. This is the tourist season here, with maximum sunlight hours (8 hours on average in July) and maximum temperatures (84 degrees average, also in July).

In many parts of the world, traveling in the summertime means less change of rain or other wet weather. Not in Bolzano. It rains more in the summer than any other season here. So, what can you expect if you are a summer traveler? Here’s a breakdown:

In June, July and August, the average daily high temperatures range between 80 and 84 degrees. It can get into the 90s, but generally should stay in the comfortable 80s range. Nighttime temps during the summer sit right around the mid 50s. It’s pretty comfortable here, save for the rain. Rainfall in July (the wettest month in Bolzano) is around 3 ½ inches, most years. In June, however, it averages about 3 inches, if that ½ inch helps you make a decision about which month to travel.

If you prefer winter travel, be aware that wintertime in Bolzano is cold. Be prepared for highs only in the low 40s in January, the coldest month in Bolzano. Lows in January drop well below freezing and usually sit somewhere in the low 20s. However, if your concern is more to wet than temperature, this is your season in Bolzano. Rainfall comes in at barely an inch. But don’t expect to be wearing shades all day – January averages only about 3 hours of sunshine each day. There are also a lot of fellow tourists in Bolzano during the wintertime -- the beautiful snow-capped mountains are a big draw, so plan your travels accordingly.