There are many good ways to get around Bolzano, all of them well suited to enjoying the view while easily and efficiently getting from point A to point B.

On Foot

First of all, if you feel up to it and will be staying in town, plan to walk around Bolzano. The city is small enough that it’s well suited to a walking tour of it, and getting around this way assures you get a good view of all that’s worth viewing. Of course, if you intend to visit some of the nearby villages, you’ll need to think of another way to get around, but it’s an excellent option while in town.

By Car

If you prefer to have your own car, you can certainly drive here, but be aware of signs and don’t park anywhere illegal, and this is many places in Bolzano, unfortunately. But parking is well regulated, so if you do park somewhere you shouldn’t, the ticket can be expensive.

There are several car rental agencies with a presence in Bolzano, both at the airport and downtown, including:

A popular option among those looking to rent a car is to book through a broker service. These brokers will help you compare and find the best rates among car rental companies operating in the area. Brokers most frequently recommended on the Trip Advisor forums include:

Always read the terms and conditions of your rental car contract and stick to well-known and reputable companies. If you are booking through a broker, avoid rates that do not disclose who you're car rental will be with until you pay.

By Bike

Bolzano has an excellent bike trail system, and biking Bolzano is like walking – it’s an excellent, less time-intensive way to get around, but also an excellent way to really take in this pretty city. You can find a map of the city bike system here.

Public Transportation

If you prefer public transportation, your options are bus and train. You can also take a cableway tram to neighboring villages. The bus system in Bolzano is considered efficient and well maintained. Buses usually run on time and most run from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Three of the city’s 16 bus lines operate until 1 a.m. You can’t buy tickets on the bus, so be sure to purchase your ticket at the bus station or in Walther Square before getting on the bus.