It is a misconception that traveling to Italy is dangerous and that tourists are common victims of crime. The truth is, the overall crime rate is quite low in all of Italy and it is far less risky to be a victim of a violent crime while traveling to Italy that it would be for a foreign tourist traveling to many of the large cities in the United States .

The most major issue related to crime and how it can affect tourists in Italy is surrounds pick-pocketing and purse snatchings. Pick pocketing is probably the most common, since the thieves who perform the crimes are very good at what they do and most tourists don’t even realize that they’ve been victimized for several hours. A purse snatching is much more obvious.

Thieves who are professional pick pocketers often work with others to obtain a single wallet. For example, one person may send a small child to ask a tourist a question while another person takes the tourist’s wallet from his back pocket. The tourist is too distracted by the small child to notice that someone has stolen from him.

It is relatively easy to be protected from being a victim of a pick pocket. First, it’s smart to wear a money belt of fanny pack on the front of the body instead of using a wallet that is stored in an unsecured back pocket. Second, don’t flash expensive goods such as cameras, jewelry or a huge wad of cash in public.