The city of Padua is not large and most tourists choose to see the city’s main areas by walking. Walking is a good way to see the all of the sights because when something seems interesting, walkers can stop and look for as long as they want. However, there are always tourists who prefer not to walk through town – either due to health restrictions or simply because taking an alternate form of transportation seems more comfortable.

Padua does have a tour company designed for tourists who can “hop on” and “hop off” at specific bus stops. The tour company sells tickets that are good for a full 24 hours, so anyone who purchases a ticket can utilize the bus for a full day and night.

The busses that transport tourists around town are painted red and are double-decker. Passengers can either sit on the first level of the bus or on the top level where the best views of the city can be seen. The tours, which usually lasts about an hour (if the tour is taken without a break from start to finish) is narrated and full of interesting facts about the city. Tourists can “hop off” and “hop on” the busses at 11 different points within Padua .