There is lots to see within Padua and Veneto (the region in which Padua resides), but sometimes a short trip away from the city is what tourists want so that they can see what exists outside of the main areas.

However, for anyone who wants to learn many details of Padua, there are walking tours available which last a number of hours – at least half a day. The tour guides that lead the groups talk about the art and artists who exist/existed here in the present and past, details about the local university ( University of Padua), and the history of the city.

Getting away from the city is something that many tourists wish to do, and there are several day trips that are popular.

Wineries in Veneto can be visited. This can be most easily accomplished by tourists who have rental cars. Information about wine tours is available by visiting a local Padua Tourism Office.

The Forgotten Riviera is a canal that allows tourist to either drive or take a boat ride to see centuries-old villas. Some of the villas can be toured. The hours the villas are open varies depending on the time of year and the day of the week.

A common day trip from Padua is a drive along some of the roads where villas can be seen. There are many beautiful grassy areas that are perfect for setting up a picnic lunch.