One of the questions most often asked on the Venice Forum is how to get from the airport (or train station) to a hotel.

Firstly, go to your hotel's web site. Almost every hotel in Venice has its own website that provides accurate information on how to reach the hotel, often with a printable map showing the walking path needed to get there from the closest vaporetto (water bus) stop. If you're renting an apartment, you may need this street map with vaporetto stops marked. The current map of all the vaporetto routes is available online at the ACTV website. Do bear in mind that the "Internet culture" in Venetian hospitality circles can be far behind other countries' use of the Internet, so don't be surprised if you still find outdated references to a "n°82 vaporetto line" that since 2008 has been called the n°2 line, but the official hotel website is usually a good starting point.

Arriving by train at the Santa Lucia railway station - if your Hotel is a very short distance away then walking with your luggage is a possibility.  However if your Hotel is further away in Venice then the Ferrovia vaporetto landing stage  is immediately in front of the station on the banks of the Grand Canal and is served by several vaporetto lines.  From there the No1 stopping water bus line and the No.2 express, limited stops, water bus line both ply down the length of the Grand Canal with the No 1 going all the way over the lagoon to the Lido.  If your Hotel is not close to a vaporetto landing stage you may want to consider a private water taxi which have their own pier near the Scalzi Bridge.  These will take you to the canal-side closest to your Hotel and thus reduce any walk to a minimum but they are not cheap- a run down the length of the Grand Canal will cost c, €60-80.

Arriving by car or coach at the bus depot at Piazzale Roma Again if your Hotel is only a very short distance from the Piazzale you can walk there. Piazzale Roma has its own water bus landing stage on the banks of the Grand canal and like the Ferrovia stop is served by several water bus lines which will take you all round Venice.  Again, if you wish, there is a jetty for private water taxis which will take you anywhere you wish for a fee, remember this fee is for the whole launch and not per passenger.

From Treviso airport: Take the ATVO bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma, then walk, or take the vaporetto or a private water taxi.

From Marco Polo airport:  There are four possibilities (1) private watertaxi from the airport to as close as possible to your hotel. These can be booked at the two desks in the Arrivals Hall and will cost  c.€100 -129 for the whole launch, not per passenger. (2) a shared water taxi for c. €25 per person (see Venice link shared transfer) (3) Alilaguna ferry from the airport to a number of places in Venice (see  for €15 per adult. (4) ATVO coach or ACTV bus or land taxi to Piazzale Roma, then walk, or take the vaporetto or a water taxi.