All Alghero's hotels now have internet access and WiFi is growing in availability.  A signal can be picked up in many parts of the town, but can be difficult in the Old Town itself.

Wifi hotspots can be found at the following locations: 

Angedras Hotel,  via Frank 2, Alghero

Hotel Alma di Alghero, Via Lido 29, Alghero

Hotel Catalunya, Via Catalogna, 24, Alghero

Alghero Ramblas (B & B and youth hostel), Via Garibaldi, 79, Alghero

Hotel Punta Negra, Reg. Punta Negra C.P. 24, Alessandria, just outside Alghero


There are internet cafes to be found at:

Biblioteca Popolare S. Michele, Largo San Francesco 14.

Bar Miramare, Via Gramsci 2

Furesi's Bar, Via Carrabuffas 29

Internet & Office Via Pascoli 11/a

Granada cartoleria, Via Giovanni XXIII, 71

Libreria "IL Labirinto" Via Carlo Alberto, 119

Bar Ciau Ciau, Piazza Sulis, 8