If you visit Mount Etna, Catania's major must-see destination, there are some matters that you need to think about to make the best of the visit.

With or without a guide. With no guide, you’ll probably won’t be able to see all the sights. The guide knows those hidden spots and towns (such as Castelmola and Savoca) that will complete your visit to Mount Etna. Also, if you want to do some local shopping (there are great fruits, jams and wines), the guides will surely know where to go for the cheap and authentic goods. They know specific data about the eruptions and craters and they will gladly share that information with you. And, guides speak perfect English.

With or without a car. You can drive up the mountain (it is one hour drive from the city) and admire the fields of lava. There is parking for 1 Euro the day. You can take the cable car and then vans will take you further into higher parks (Piazzale del Rifugio Sapienza is the highest). You can always stay at the cable car station and have some nice snacks and some hot beverage as it can be cold. You can hire a tour or guide to avoid the driving considering that the road can get too intricate. If you decide to do the driving, you will miss the views, specially the amazing lava eruptions.