Catania's performing arts offering is strong and varied catering all tastes. Twenty five theaters (the Teatro Club, Teatro della Citta, Piscator, Nuovo Teatro, and many others) present opera, classical theater, puppet theater, ballet and experimental theater. Catania has been a center for theater experimentation and many companies have gained its name in Italian stage.Rosina Anselmi, Angelo Musco, Giovanni Grasso and Umberto Spadaro are some of the actors that promoted renovations on stage. Spadaro was the founder of one of most prestigious experimental companies at the Stabile de Catania Theater.  

The hub of the performing arts life is the Teatro Bellini. Over the last century, it has presented many opera events and some festivals  honoring Catania born Massimo Bellini whose opera"Norma" inaugurated the theatre in 1890. The building is outstanding and reminiscences the Opera of Paris. Maria Callas, Toti del Monte, Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Caniglia, Renata Scotto have honored its stage. The opera season for 2006 includes Hamlet, Cinderella, Don Giovanni and Hansel and Gretel. A traditional place for opera, other genres have been presented on its stage: opereta, dance (Josephine Baker graced its stage in 1955) and jazz. You can purchase the tickets online at