When purchasing tourism services in Italy, it's probably best make sure that the tour company you are booking with is authorized to do tours. That way you can be sure that they have proper accident insurance. The tour company should usually be a licensed travel agency or have vehicles with their tour advertising prominently painted on the sides of the bus or minibus. Minibus drivers with NCC licenses displayed also often give commentaries during the trip. The latter cannot advertise tours but they are licensed to take passengers on predetermined routes and to talk during the trip.

To protect yourself against purchasing unsafe tour services see the below tips:

- If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you plan to buy a tour in Italy, familiarize yourself with the usual range of prices - including those available online. They are not cheap. Nevertheless, there are excellent and inexpensive tours available that are heavily subsidized by local tourism boards. These receive high praise on TA and are a good alternative to the more expensive minibus tours.

- Look closely at the website/Flyer/Advertising. You should look for the company's legal structure, address and landline (not just cell phone) number.

-Ask at your Hotel. The receptionist will know far better than you which tours are legitimate.