Whether arriving in Tuscany via air to Pisa or Rome, chances are you will arrive in Firenza via train. Since you will only be in Florence for two days, taking advantage of your precious short time is important. So hopefully you will have slept on the flight or are well-rested following a couple days in Rome or Venice if you are arriving early in the morning.

After checking into your hotel (Florence is a walking city so many hotels should be a relatively quick walk from the train station) enjoy the sights and sounds of Florence while walking to your first destination, which should more than likely be one of the city's many museums. And remember, before leaving home, decide which museums interest you the most and then make reservations for them over the phone, Internet or through a tour group.

The Accademia is a must-see, although it shouldn't take more than an hour of your precious time. Michaelangelo's David is worth the admission and as little as 30 seconds of looking or 30 minutes of studying the sculpture. The other pieces in the museum are nice, particularly the other Michaelangelo sculptures.

Following a mid-morning Accademia reservation, walk to the nearby Duomo. Sit on the steps and gaze across to the bronze doors of the Baptistry. Fight the crowd and get a quick look at the detailed doors.

Then head over to the Bargello, a good sculpture museum. If you are here early enough in the day, you should be able to spend time at the Bargello before having lunch. If you get a later start to your morning have lunch and then spend an hour or two in the museum. It will be mid-afternoon when you exit, a perfect time to head across the Ponte Vecchio bridge, looking through the jewelry stores.

Then turn around and walk straight ahead through the Straw Market and San Lorenzo market. If viewing the Medici Chapels is a priority, it is located near San Lorenzo. That should be it for the day, besides spending a full evening enjoying an Italian meal.

 Start day two with an early reservation at the Uffizi. A reservation made a couple of months in advance is a must, particularly if visiting in the busy summer months. Many who do not realize this arrive in Florence with no ticket or have to wait in line all day to get in. While several hours can be spent here looking at the art, a good overview for the rushed traveler can be done in as little as an hour, although two to three would be more practical. It can help to do research before arriving on what pieces interest you most by looking through a good guide book. After lunch spend the afternoon at Sante Croce, where Michaelangelo is buried, or Pitti Palace.

Things to do:

1.  Make Accademia reservation for mid morning Sun or Mon

2.  Make reservations for Uffizi