Travelers heading to San Gimignano may want to pick up the following books for the planning stages of their trip, as well as for the airplane ride to the area or for a few hours reading pleasure during the Tuscany vacation.

·        “Florence, Pisa, Sienna, San Gimignano: The Gems of Tuscany” by ISBS Publishing offers information about San Gimignano as well as other nearby locations which travelers might want to consider visiting during their stay in the area. .

·        “Italian for Dummies” by Francesca Romana Onofri and Karen Antje Moller is an easy-to-use language guide to the most frequently spoken language of the area. .

·        “Nelles Travel Pack Florence: Fiesole, Prato, Pistoia, San Gimignano, Volterra, Sienna” by Ulrike Bleek, Christiane Buld-Campetti, Stephan Bleek and Kirsten Faber is a travel guide useful by tourists traveling throughout Italy. .

·        “One Day in San Gimignano: The Town of the Fair Towers” by Piero Torriti ( ) makes for easy reading enjoyable by a diverse group of travelers.

·        “The Game of Courting and the Art of the Commune of San Gimignano, 1290 – 1320” by C. Jean Campbell is a historical account of the artistic expression popular during a particular period of the area’s history.  More information on the text is available at .  More information on the history of the area is available at .